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Pre-Operative Surgical Skin Disinfection

A WHO recommended formula and technique for the prevention of surgical site infections (SSI).

providing innovative healthcare products that improve patient's lives and support healthcare professionals

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As a distribution company, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built with world leading manufacturers over many years. Our success has enabled us to expand our distribution channels across Libya, as we continually advance and expand our range with new innovations and technologies. We have built a robust network of industry connections across the country, as our distribution network enables our manufacturers access to an excellent resource to develop and expand their market reach into the country.


Together we can help healthcare professionals provide the very best care to their patients.

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Akeel is always seeking new innovative products and opportunities to preset to the Libyan market. 


Akeel representative can assist you by providing the exact information you need to make an informed decision.

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Product Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ)


As a leading medical device distribution company, we offer the highest quality medical devices sourced from leading manufacturers throughout the world.


Akeel helps health care providers organize processes in the operating theatre efficiently, so the focus can be on the patient. We utilize our extensive experience in marketing a broad range of products to supply the MOH, private and international healthcare providers.

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