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and Distribution 

Enabling healthcare excellence and commercial success

Deliver Therapies Accurately, Safely, Securely and On-Time

Supply Chain Management 


We offer complete warehousing and distribution services that are designed to fit the needs of any business. Our three main separate 20,000 square foot facilities are ideally located near the capital city of Tripoli (pharmaceuticals and medical supplies wholesale market), complete with a full range of supply chain management, making our warehouse perfect for business-to-business and business-to-customer logistics.


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Akeel pharmaceuticals warehousing services are fully optimized for the storage and processing of pharmaceutical products. The warehouse offers multiple temperature zones for the correct storage conditions for continuation of product quality.

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Cold Chain Management  

Offering a temperature-controlled storage environment, Akeel’s cold chain management solutions can be used to receive, store and transport all products including controlled drugs, aerosols and more, all products are recorded for batch and expiry and zones are constantly monitored for temperature.

  • Temperature controlled storage (2-8°C to 15-25°C)

  • Cold chain packaging when shipping products between +2°C to +8°C

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Sample Ordering 

Through our teams of sales representatives we make it easy and accessible for Health Care Practitioners placing sample orders

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We have a dedicated team of service professionals available to take your order who ensure that the majority of orders are processed and products are delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

with our dedicated team of supply chain specialist in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, we are able to FastTrack deliver products to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies all over the country.

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