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Vitamins, and Nutritional Food Supplements

Together we can help healthcare professionals provide the very best care to their patients.


As a one of the leading Libyan companies in nutritional health products, we help consumer healthcare companies grow and establish their products into the Libyan market, Our sales and marketing teams activate your brands in chain and independent pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets,  regardless of if you’re an established company or new to the region. We have a dedicated team of healthcare sales force to help launch to reinvigorating demand for mature products. 

Our consumer healthcare portfolio is another focus area for us to establish an extensive presence across markets.

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This division of our endeavor drives from growing demand for consumer healthcare products including FMCG products, particularly where consumers are seeking more affordable and accessible products, as we provide these products from various segments:


Nutraceuticals including:

Vitamins, and Nutritional Food Supplements,

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