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Quality Management System 


At akeel Health, we guarantee that all of our products are supplied and distributed in compliance with the obligations of GDP, we also hold GDP, WDA Technical Quality Agreement with our Transportation and logistical partners, making us the most reliable pharmaceutical distribution partner, We put quality on top of everything meeting top industry standard and requirements with instant delivery, earning our clients' trust along the way.

The Akeel Quality Management System (QMS) (PDF 673 KB) is a structured and documented approach describing how Akeel addresses external health authority (e.g., Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US, European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe), (MHRA) in the UK, regulatory requirements and other relevant standards and guidelines (e.g., ISO standards for medical devices) to help ensure quality processes, products and services. Our QMS is built on the principles defined by the International Council for Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) and documented in the ICH Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality System guideline. It provides a systematic and risk-based approach to consistently and efficiently achieve product safety and quality.


Ensuring product safety and quality throughout the supply chain with our certified pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and logistical partners

Be it import, export, supply, or storage of products, we consider quality as a supreme factor at each and every stage of our business process. Our experienced team makes use of cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive processes approved and regulated by the major regulatory approvals, like European GDP (Good Distribution Practices).

1.  We make sure that all of our products supplied by us are compiled with the determined standards of purity, safety and efficacy through our quality management system.


2.  We aim to satisfy all our customers in terms of quality, delivery, the effectiveness of the product in all possible manner.

3.  Our experienced team is highly committed to adhere and improve the quality of our products and services provided.

4.  Our medical experts aim to bring quality enhancements to the products and services provided by the implementation of GDP.

5.  We set high standards for the entire industry and pay detailed attention when selecting specific logistic partners who can guarantee strict temperature control for our pharmaceuticals straight through to delivery.

6.  All EU pharmaceuticals distributed by us comply with the requirements of the European Medicines Agency or the relevant national drug law.

akeel health QMS.png

We are a trusted pharmaceutical partner, committed to sustaining, sourcing and supplying high-quality health care products right through to delivery. Akeel Health is a Libyan GDP certified pharma service company, which has been continuously working towards good distributive practices to ensure the quality of products in all aspects of service.

It is one type of quality system made for warehouse and distribution centers related to all pharmaceutical medicines. It works to keep consistency in quality management systems throughout the entire supply chain, from the delivery of raw materials to the plants to the final shipment of manufactured drugs to the end-user. We are a Libyan WDA certified company, and hold quality agreements with our logistics partners and international freight forwarders who are also WDA(H) & GDP licensed and certified by their respective authorities, which demonstrates that we are highly committed to quality in each aspect of service.

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