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Commercial Services 

Driving demand through sales and marketing

Organizing Medicine

From launching in a new market to increasing sales of products nearing the end of their life cycle, we are your partner for marketing and sales.

Measured by annual sales, we are among the ten largest pharma sales companies in the Libyan market. With the largest dedicated healthcare sales force across the country, our specialists drive your multichannel sales across hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and specialty medical channels. 

Based on market analytics, a deep understanding of therapeutic areas and an unwavering commitment to compliance, our medical education activities further drive demand, from product launches to reinvigorating demand for mature products.

Our commercial models are tailor-made to your situation and can include contract sales outsourcing, full-agency, out-licensing or a combination of all.

We offer you:

  • Marketing and sales teams

  • Key account management

  • Brand management

  • Medical education

  • Disease management awareness campaigns

  • Telemarketing and telesales

  • Digital marketing

  • Medical affairs

  • Market access

  • Media relations

  • Staff hosting

Akeel representative can assist you by providing the exact information you need to make an informed decision. Please Contact Us today

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